Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

This was one of my favorite pages to work on. I was on the track team this year so getting to interview all of the guys on the team was real easy. It made my job a lot easier and the guys would all come down for the interviews. The pictures were awesome and I loved covering the meets when I wasn’t running. The main idea was to follow the boys throughout their season and with Josh and I being on the team it was very easy for us to keep updating the story.


Take The Shot

The basketball page was pretty simple. The page primary focused on the boys season and how well the team performed. It was a great experience meeting the boys and getting to know a few of them and become friends. Though they took forever to come down for their interviews Charlie and I had a great time going down and forcing them to come down.

Quiver: Beyond the Mile

This was the first time I worked on a Quiver page. It was the first time I stayed for a deadline and got to really experience my team leader. The idea of the story was the cross country team and  how they ran in their 2016 season. This will be a story that I will remember forever because it was the first one I worked and seeing it come to life in the yearbook was super cool.

Scout: One Skin To Live In

This was the last Scout I worked on. Our team shared many laughs with this story for the number of odd interviews we had. The story’s focus was on the effects of tanning and why it was a big trend. This will be one of my favorite stories that I will remember for a while.

Scout: New Stalls In The Halls

This was my first scout, the main idea behind the story was about transgender bathrooms coming to Lake Central. I was the staffer who would go out and interview students and get an idea of what they thought. I also got to meet the superintendent who I have become close with since and I got the chance to help write the story.